Although our building must close, know that prayers continue to be
said here, and the Mass celebrated for the people of our nation
and the world, for this parish, for the fearful, and for the sick.

Wishing you the joy,


peace and blessings


of Easter


Join us on









‘The still point of the turning world’

T.S. Eliot, poet: ‘Four Quartets’


In the hustle and bustle of lively South Kensington, with its hotels, restaurants, museums, homes and businesses, St Stephen’s Church witnesses to the unchanging nature of God’s love.


Since 1867 St Stephen’s has been a place of encounter with the beauty of holiness. We are an Anglican Parish Church with a long-standing Anglo-Catholic tradition, drawing a community of worshippers from the locality and beyond to worship together, grow in faith together, and share together in fellowship and service. We welcome Christians of all denominations to our services, as well as those whose journey of faith may just be beginning.


We invite you to come and grow with us and to share in the rich and joyful fellowship you’ll find here. A warm welcome awaits you.



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